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Experienced California Car Accident Attorney

Motor vehicle accidents in California affect all segments of our society and can result in terrible injuries like traumatic brain injuries, chronic neck and back problems, spinal cord injuries, and can even lead to death. The Glendale car accident attorneys with the DAGLIAN LAW GROUP, APLC have seen a trend in recent years for insurance companies to adopt a blanket policy to undervalue compensation for car accident victims in order to save money. Car crash victims may have been paying insurance premiums for years only to find that when they really need help, these corporations are only looking out for their bottom line. The personal injury attorneys at the DAGLIAN LAW GROUP, APLC have handled hundreds of cases where insurance companies are involved. We are not pressured by their tactics and as a result we will fight for fair compensation for your injuries.

California Uninsured and Underinsured Motorist

Under California law, all drivers are required to have car insurance. Unfortunately, not everyone follows the law and some drive our roads and highways either without maintaining or inadequate insurance. If you have been in a car collision involving an uninsured driver, you will have to turn to your own insurance company to recover damages. In order to recover from your insurance company, you will have to show that the other driver was negligent- which is why it is important to retain an experienced car accident attorney.

How We Help Car Crash Victims

Our Glendale car accident lawyers strive to protect individuals who have been victims as a result of the negligence of another driver. We will evaluate your case, taking into consideration the specific facts of your matter and the law as it applies to you. Recognizing the physical, emotional and financial distress caused by such situations, the DAGLIAN LAW GROUP, APLC is dedicated to helping victims of motor vehicle accidents obtain justice. We have represented numerous victims in their personal injury cases brought against other motorists, car manufacturers and other liable parties. We know that in order to maximize the recovery for our clients’ damages we must conduct a proper investigation, preserve all relevant evidence, collect all pertinent medical information and secure the proper expert witnesses to testify on your behalf.

We Don’t Get Paid Until You Do

The personal injury attorneys at the DAGLIAN LAW GROUP, APLC aggressively pursue every avenue to ensure you are properly compensated for your pain, suffering, or loss as soon as possible. Our representation costs nothing until you are compensated for your injuries. Please call us at 818-545-7700 or contact us online for a consultation.

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