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Employment Law Attorney In Glendale, California

Today’s economy is difficult enough without having to suffer at work as a result of illegal workplace practices. Our firm’s attorney, Gary Daglian, brings years of experience to bear for his clients. He understands how to battle for clients against large powerful interests, including employers.

Glendale, California, Area Employment Law Attorney: Wage And Discrimination Cases

If you have not been paid what is owed to you or you are the victim of illegal workplace discrimination and harassment, we can help you. Our practice addresses a number of different workplace wrongs, including:

  • Wage and hour violations: You have earned your pay. We will help you get it. Our firm assists people who have been denied their rightful overtime pay as well as meal-break pay and more.
  • Discrimination and harassment: We help clients who have been victimized by a comprehensive variety of workplace wrongs in this area. These wrongs often include sexual harassment and discrimination with respect to disability, pregnancy, age, sexual orientation, and the like.

We do not simply tell you what you want to hear so we can get your case. Instead, you can depend on attorney Daglian for a candid and fair assessment of your case, its strengths and its weaknesses. You will always know our honest opinion of your case and where your matter stands in the legal process.

Learn More About How Our Employment Lawyers Fight Illegal Practices

This accessibility and our emphasis on communication have earned our firm the trust of clients throughout Glendale and its surrounding region in California. By partnering with our clients in this way, we help victims maximize their recovery from employment-related wrongs involving wages, discrimination and more.

To meet with us for a complimentary initial consultation, schedule an appointment by calling 818-545-7700. You can also reach us online. All consultations remain confidential.

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