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Daglian Law Group, APLC, commits its entire practice to fighting back against powerful interests, including insurance companies and employers. As part of this commitment to helping victims recover from their losses, we regularly work with employees to stop employment discrimination and harassment.

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Our firm’s lawyer, Gary K. Daglian, holds years of experience. As a result, he understands how the law works on a practical basis. He will help you understand how the justice system works, how its rules apply and how different judges may view the facts of your case.

He works individually with you so you know exactly where your legal matter stands. Instead of telling you what he thinks you will want to hear so he can get your business, he will tell you what you need to hear to protect your rights and position yourself for the future.

Attorney Daglian is determined to put our clients’ interests first. He does so in a comprehensive variety of discrimination and workplace harassment matters, including:

We know your trust has been shaken. For that reason, we have purposely structured our firm to emphasize one-to-one communication between you and attorney Daglian. We find that this level of individually tailored representation maximizes our client’s recovery because we can many times learn unique facts of a case that a less personal approach might miss.

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