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Glendale-Area Pregnancy Discrimination Attorney

Women must continue to vigilantly protect their rights in the workplace when it comes to pregnancy. Unfortunately, many women either do not understand they have rights during pregnancy or, worse, even believe that an employer’s wrongful actions are legal.

Pregnancy, in fact, is considered a temporary disability protected under California and federal law. Daglian Law Group, APLC, helps you understand your rights under these laws and protect those rights for you.

Fight Back: Glendale, California, Area Pregnancy Discrimination Lawyers

We want you to enjoy your pregnancy and your family. For that reason, we commit ourselves to fighting pregnancy discrimination, including those situations where an employer:

  • Fires a pregnant woman for taking maternity leave
  • Fires a father who took paternity leave
  • Refuses to hire a woman because she is pregnant
  • Prevents a woman from working while she is pregnant
  • Refuses the same health insurance and benefits as other employees with short-term disabilities
  • Denies a pregnant woman’s rights under the Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA) or California Family Rights Act (CFRA) leave
  • Wrongfully denies pregnancy disability leave

We can provide this level of service to you because our firm’s lawyer, Gary K. Daglian, has dedicated his practice for years to protecting his clients against powerful interests in California. In addition to employers, these interests often include insurance companies, their adjusters and their large-firm lawyers.

Honest Representation From Attorneys You Can Trust

We know you need someone to trust during this time if you have been fired or experienced retaliation. For that reason, we honestly assess your case and tell you what you need to hear, not what you want to hear about your situation. You will know exactly where your case stands so you can make intelligent decisions about your future.

Call us to schedule an initial complimentary consultation: 818-545-7700. You can also reach our California firm online. All consults remain entirely confidential.

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