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Daglian Law Group, APLC, provides you with the candid advice you need to make intelligent choices. We do not tell you what you want to hear just to get your case. We tell you what you need to hear to understand your situation and to make decisions that are in your best interests, now and in the future.

We Put You First: Personal Injury Lawyer Serving Glendale, California, Area

Our guidance positions you for long-term success in a wide variety of legal matters, including:

Personal Injury

Our personal injury clients have sought our help in nursing home and neglect matters, as well as car accidents, animal attacks and many more serious injury cases, including pharmaceutical litigation.

Employment Law

Today's economy is difficult enough without having to suffer at work as a result of illegal workplace practices. We understands how to battle for clients against large powerful interests, including employers.

Insurance Claims

At Daglian Law Group, APLC, we excel at providing you with the candid professional relationship you need to fight for your right to recover the compensation you deserve after your property has been damaged.
Insurance Claim Practice Areas

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What People Say About Us

Mr. Daglian is an extraordinary employment attorney- very responsive, always returned my emails and phone calls in a timely manner, extremely knowledgeable, efficient, and always took my needs into consideration. He explained everything thoroughly and informed me of every single detail relevant to my case, as well as all my options and advising me on selecting the best one. Best of all, he did this with a pleasant attitude, without making me feel as if it was inconvenience (I've had this issue in the past). I had a bad case in the past which allows me to make a more accurate assessment of the quality of attorney Mr. Daglian is (as opposed to having no criteria to compare to). My case with him had a favorable outcome and I'm very, very happy I chose him. I would highly recommend him to anyone, he is honestly the epitome of professionalism!!! Thank you so much, Mr. Daglian!!!

Blanca M.

Gary and his staff are very professional. I have referred clients to Gary knowing that they will be very satisfied with his service. He is a genuine person and will be honest with the client from the beginning. Trust is the first thing you need to have when you hire an attorney and Gary is the one. At Daglian Law Group, you can't go wrong!

Angela F.